Introducing The UFO Houseboat

I've thought about buying a houseboat and living the life of a "single"/"TV detective" you've seen in movies.  Think about it, you don't have a true 'permanent' address, life is where you float too! The freedom. The sights. THE WATER ALL AROUND!

Then I saw a social post about this!

Created by Jet Capsule, the UFO 2.0 is the latest venture for the company. Originally, they designed what looks like a new way to have a personal water craft. But now, they are stepping the game up and hoping to design and sell the UFO to the public. First though, the company needs their "Kickstarter" to get underway. Originally, the first generation UFO was smaller but still offered the underwater views of a disc shaped house boat.

The 2.0 clearly is a beefier and larger version of the mark 1.

Imagine sleeping literally underwater here on the coast and getting to see ocean life every night...there would be no need for Netflix and Chill, it'd be "Dolphin watching and chill"!

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