Spring Break 2017 Is Coming Up: So What Are You Gonna Do?

It's been many years since I've been "Spring Break" partying, and I say that only because well I'm not in school any more and I can party whenever.

And please remember, everything you do this Spring Break, if you plan on drinking, DON'T PLAN ON DRIVING! Arrive alive and have a Designated Driver!

I loved Spring Break back when I was in my early 20's though! I would host bar nights in Cocoa Beach for like 2 weeks, meet college kids that came to Central Florida from Wyoming or Vermont just to get a taste of our warm weather and "tan" their SUPER PALE SELVES.

So what's a local to do if traveling on Spring Break can't be your thing? I've come up with a few ideas for you to play with!

Since they allow drinking in Universal, why not go play with Harry Potter, the Simpsons, and some dinosaurs at Universal and Islands of Adventure? I've done it before, and look, it's cheaper than a trip to Key West! But look what I found! At PartyThroughTheParks.com, they give you a FULL layout of drink prices and drink menus throughout the park! So now you know before you go! Budget this out and BOOM you'll be wasted with Harry Potter in no time!

And if you want...tag @DrunkAtUOR and let them know you're ready to party!

Next we move over to Cocoa Beach! A place I'm very familiar with and I'm sure most of you outside of Cocoa Beach are as well! Listeners in Orlando, I've you've never partied at Coconuts On The Beach, what are you waiting for? It's an institution for modern Spring Breaks, you bring your tents/chairs/blanets/coolers/speakers/suntan lotion and stake claim to a plot of sand! Day drinking, heading back up to Coconuts for a frozen drink and meeting new (and very limited clothed) friends! But there's more to explore in Cocoa Beach than Coconuts! Check out other great local spots like the Cocoa Beach Pier! Same beach, same ocean, but cheaper parking! Sandbar is right there and I've got buddy's of mine of DJ there on Sunday nights, that place is PACKED! Wanna grab sushi in the middle of day drinking...go to Siam Orchid...my buddy Thomas will get you drunk in the bar while you down a tuna roll! I've done it before and will do it again!

Keeping on with the beach theme, if the Atlantic Ocean isn't your scene then head over to the Gulf! I love the Gulf Coast and (depending on where you're reading this) it's only a few hours away to be at some white sandy beaches with literally no waves! It's like a giant bath tub of pretty! Head over to Clearwater Beach or get a bigger city feel in St Pete Beach. Both are literally neighbors, both literally are pretty, and both let you day drink or party at night! In St Pete you can explore the Downtown area, take in some art and culture at the Dali Museum all while also stopping and getting drinks and food! Or head over to Clearwater Beach and see the white sands of the Gulf! I used to do this a lot year ago at a different time in my life! I LOVED sitting on the beach here! Just look how pretty it is! Plus, there's some great food (and brunch) out in Clearwater, I promise you...this is a MUST on anyone's Spring Break 2017 list!

My final idea for Spring Break 2017 is something I've wanted to do for over 10 years, but I never can seem to plan it out. Years ago (with someone I used to date) we tried to plan it, but she always cancelled. Then I tried to round up some pals and do it, but something else always came up. If you have your eye on "Drinking Around The World"...first push play on this video, then send me a message!

Drinking "Around The World" at Epcot is on many people's bucket list, and it should be! I did a little research online about what the overall cost of this feat is: consensus says it's around $55-$110 dollars to have the smallest drink in each country.

And, I did find this fantastic blog from Disney Tourist Blog that breaks down more than just the point of it, but they also give you specific drinks to try, plus helpful tips (like eat food and be respectful too!)

There's lots of videos online of people doing this: maybe you'll take a GoPro and make your own?

You only get a finite number of Spring Breaks college students of Central Florida...soon you'll be working a 9-5 and properly adulting...so get out around our area, get a drink, make a new friend, don't get pregnant, and report back to me on the fun you had for Spring Break!

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