Emma Watson Is A Woman I Love

As the world gets ready to see Emma Watson as Belle, all I can do is sit here at my desk and keep seeing these cute videos of Emma doing cute things along with Vanity Fair. Maybe it's my fault for subscribing to Vanity Fair's YouTube channel...or maybe its my fault that I have like 3 million suggested Emma Watson videos? Either way:

Late last year, Emma Watson and Vanity Fair's Derek Blasberg, took the New York City subway system and hid a book by Maya Angelou called "Me, My Mom, and Me", in the hopes that random people would pick it up, read it, then hide it again for someone else to see. Emma Watson is SOOOO optimistic and that's why I think a lot of people love her. Optimism is something we desperately need more in the world, optimism is wonderful, and personally to me; optimism is sexy.

Plus the sideways smirk Emma Watson always does makes me wanna find a diamond ring and become "Wingnut Watson".

About a week ago, I saw this video from the same Derek above and the same Emma Watson above; again in New York City, but this time they went to Grand Central Station...and well, Emma Watson gave people advice.

I don't keep it a secret that I am weak in the knees for British women, and I don't keep it a secret that Emma Watson is just about to be at the top of the "Wingnut British Women Crush" list (Sorry Pippa). She's a feminist, she's SUPER smart, she's an activist, and again the lil smirk thing Emma does. She's the perfect human! Also, it's another reason to show off my soon-to-be shirt

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