The World's Smallest And MIGHTIEST Portable Charger

We've all been there...iPhone life at 20%, you're standing around waiting for a friend or family member somewhere, and you can't use your phone to waste time because YOU'RE BATTERY LIFE IS AT A CRITICAL LEVEL! You didn't bring your wall charger, and cars now-a-days don't just automatically charge phones anymore, you have to start you're wasting gas to charge your phone to waste time for late people!

OK, maybe that specific situation happens to me more than yourself, but what if, you had a portable charger that could give you up to 2 hours talk time on a single charge? BETTER YET, what if you didn't use that charger but for emergency's and it held that charge for up to 3 months?

That's what's setting the Fuel Micro Charger apart! I saw it today on "Touch Of Modern"'s website, for an insanely cheap deal! This battery back-up is only $16.99 right now! But the iPhone charger is going to cost you $24.99

I love that its in the shape of a gas can, intentional or not its basically filling your phone up, and that it can slide onto your key ring! You'll never run out of battery life and its a fantastic conversation starter!

So I bought the red one's the direct link if you wanna check it out for yourself

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