Spice Girls Remake Features Women From Around The World

This week was a week when women were again in the fore-front of the news cycle; for "International Women's Day" and "A Day Without A Woman". Marches and strikes were held, women didn't go to work, and the color red was all around us.

So were videos reminding people that women's rights, equal pay for equal work, and sex trafficing HAS TO STOP! The 21st Century has to evolve, the 21st Century has to advance, and the 21st Century can't be heading backwards.

I find this video of a remake from our childhood fitting for the week.

If you're too young to know the original...this was everything to me as a young boy. HELL I EVEN WENT AND SAW "SPICE WORLD" in the theaters!!! Since I was a little boy, I've had a weakness for British women...they're so talented, sophisticated, so Emma Watson....

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