Meet The $25,000 Taco

When you have a #TacoTattoo there's a high probability that you like taco's...when you pay $25,000 for a taco there's a high probablility that you're a jerk with too much money and $24,999 of that $25K could've gone to me, or starving kids you know whatever you choose.

But seriously, here's what a $25K taco freaking looks like:

Now I don't speak fluent Spanish...but I see Truffles, Kobe Beef, Caviar and 'tequila ultra premium' all of which definitely isn't cheap...maybe though the camera quality wasn't so hot, cause it looks like candy wrappers on a taco shell...I'll stick to either making my tacos, or finding 2 for $5 around town!

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