In Order To Impress A Girl, This Guy Got Bit By A Crocodile

My favorite thing about this entire story isn't how the guy was going to extraordinary lengths to impress a girl. It's not how he was trying to prove that perhaps crocs attack tourists more than locals. NOPE. It's this reporters question about the opinion the country has to the young man!

"Do you understand that most of the country thinks you're one of the stupidest people around?" To which the guy says, "Yup, I do!"

I have started crying in laughter over this exchange!

So far, in 2017, I feel like I've had to remind people that crocodiles and alligators are freaking dangerous creatures. Like with THIS STORY. And yet again, let me remind you about alligators!

These creatures are basically modern-day dinosaurs. And they are in our backyard. So WARNING: Alligators and crocodiles will eat you, you will be eaten, and when eaten you'll be food!

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