Why Can't All Cats Put Themselves To Bed?

All cat owners know a few certain rules that never change with your cat:

1) If it's the middle of the night, that's the 'purr-fect' time for cat excercise.
2) Oh you wanna go to bed? Well good luck sleeping comfortably while your cat takes up most of the bed!
    (Seriously, who knew a 10 lb cat could extend it's body to 6ft 3in???)
3) HEY! It's 6am! And even though your cat woke you up with that above workout session, it's NUM NUM time! Your cat is hungry and needs food now!
4) "But don't pet me...I look cute with my big eyes and happy meows, but you lay one hoo-man finger on me and I'mma bite off your weird sausage fingers!" - Every cat ever!

Sophie doesn't seem to be like other cats...she uses her cat bed, goes to bed when the humans do, and even tucks herself into the cat-bed. If I tried to get my cat into a bed, that isn't mine, he's gonna throw up on it. Wait, he's gonna stare at me while he throws up on it...cause no one tells Gentleman Jack where to sleep!

Now, my above examples may have seemed a little "ranty" and maybe they were, but I love my lil guy to death! Seriously, my guy Gentleman Jack the Cat is a hero! And today is his birthday!

Happy 7th birthday bud!

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