Bill Nye's Open Letter to President Donald Trump

There shouldn't be a political debate about the growth of human knowledge about our solar system, universe, or the science surrounding the search of intelligent life in the universe.

Last week, the President signed a bill giving NASA $19.9 billion dollars to fund NASA programs and reaffirm what he called a "national commitment" to "human space exploration" (Source: USA Today)

A step in the right direction for space science under the new administration.

If you've lived in Central Florida or along Florida's Space Coast for some time, then the Space Program and NASA has made you look to the stars. Recently, Bill Nye created a 5 point plan for the President, about how he, and the Planetary Society, would like to see the President address space, and our exploration of it.

This is NOT a Republican vs Democrat, Liberal vs Conservative, Right-Wing vs Left-Wing discussion. This is a human discussion. Space is the final frontier. Space is amazing. Space is limitless. From private company's taking humans to low-Earth orbit in the same was you visit New York City. To mining asteroids for minerals to bring back to Earth, the exploration of the universe will broaden our minds, and at least for my generation, be the "We landed on the Moon" moment.

And in case space hasn't ever excited you, I personally invite you to my apartment for the next launch. I will drive us up to Cape Canaveral, we'll stand by the countdown clock, and you'll see a rocket go into space from a mile away!

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