A Tourist Might Lose His Arms And Legs In Australia

As you'll soon see, the idea is that this tourist visiting family is Australia was bitten by a White Tailed Spider which might lead to the victim losing his arms, having already had his legs amputated.

Shark's, kangaroo's, koala's, and obviously spiders are some of the deadliest creatures in Australia (OH SNAP I FORGOT ABOUT JELLYFISH!) and I've warned you plenty of times Internet, that EVERYTHING IN AUSTRALIA WILL KILL YOU!

And as much as I love Margot Robbie and Michelle Jenneke:

The reasons to visit Australia are starting to shrink...I don't wanna be killed by a creature the size an iPod. If I'm gonna die in Australia I better be punched by a kangaroo into shark infested waters. That'd be the most baller Australia death of all time.

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