Heineken Has A Way To Solve All Arguments!

I've learned over the last year and a half, that if you have a different political idea, a different political opinion, or just a statement you'd like to say about politics, NO ONE ON THE PLANET WILL AGREE WITH YOU! For some reason, even the people who you'd think might agree with you, however will still find a way to snark back and get snippy with you.

Seriously, back in January I made a VAGUE joke about a political person (I won't say who cause then people go crazy) but I ended getting hate email, OVER A JOKE!

But I digress, let's get to how some wish to tackle problems in a modern world, because it seems like the days of structured and civilized debate might be done. So Heineken would like to do the following:

What a fantastic and new way to approach human opinions and beliefs! First, introduce strangers to problem solving and have them find the solution out. Have them perform tasks that make them work together to achieve a common goal. Then in the end, realize that even through differences everyone enjoys beer! But maybe limit this "difference in conversation" to like 2 or 3 beers? Right?

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