A Really Close Encounter With A Killer Whale!

Orca's are some of the oceans cutest, smartest, and at times DEADLIEST creatures of the sea. For years, humans have been captivated by these majestic creatures, and in some theme park cases people have been in serious trouble with them.

In the wild, an Orca is a pack hunter, often traveling hundreds or thousands of miles in search of food. The pod will travel together and work together to ensure everyone gets a meal. There's tons of great Netflix doc's about Orca's (that don't included "Blackfish") and you can learn so much about this amazing animal!

Much like these two learned off the coast of Mexico in their small boat, that Orca's just want to play, they are investigative creatures by nature. The strange thing is, there's only on Orca?

Orca's are awesome, but no matter what, this would still scare the ISH OUT OF ME!

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