An Aerial Tour Of The Melbourne Harbor

What a spectacular view of Downtown Melbourne, the train tracks that go over the harbor, a view of the Melbourne Causeway, and a rowing team through the harbor itself!

I love where I live. I've have numerous opportunities to leave Melbourne and due to some unforeseen (and some selfish) reasons I am still here in a town I can't and won't stop loving.

Melbourne, you are like the girlfriend who sometimes forgets to text because she's had a few margaritas with the gals...I know you're always loyal, but sometimes you do little things that bug me. But just when I think I can't handle you anymore and might wanna find someone new (or a new city), Melbourne you do something so special that keeps me here. A beautiful sunset, a steady breeze to cool me on a really hot afternoon, or the stunning beauty that is our causeway and intercoastal waterways.

I've lived in two places that mean the world to me; Kansas City, Missouri and Melbourne, Florida. My love for Melbourne does however go back further...we would spend every summer in Melbourne with my grandparents and beach it every day during summer break. My love or Melbourne has been a life long love.

For some, Melbourne is a boring sleepy town that offers very little in joy, and if that is you let me offer you some advice. Leave, and while you may be in a new town with new smells and sites, I am willing to bet there will be a day where you realize just how much you miss Melbourne. Small shops with food you crave. The ability to run into a long time friend where ever you are in town. Or THE BEACH! Living in Melbourne gives us the same joy beachside residents have, BUT MINUS THE EXPENSIVE BEACHSIDE COST!

Melbourne, without you I'd be a sad boy. And with you, I'm a happy man!

It's very obvious I love my town, since I now have a Melbourne/Melbourne Beach tattoo!

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