It's Sushi, In The Shape Of Shoes...?

Sushi is good. Sushi is yum. Sushi is life.

For some, sushi once a week is also a habit. I don't have that big of a crush on sushi, considering I'm still relatively new to the sushi game. But if you wanted to INSTANTLY bring that sushi game up, maybe you should get to know Yujia Hu, and Italian born Chinese chef who lives in Italy and make sushi rolls that aren't really rolls. They're 'shoes'. Edible rolls that look like famous sneakers.

Cute right? If I might add one thing to this though. If you really wanna make it like a basketball shoe, add some smell. Maybe fish oil to replicate "smelly shoes"?!?!  OK, that's over the top, but if you aren't hungry looking at his art maybe you need a new stomach?

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