Time Lapse At The Grand Canyon Is Astonishing!

Back in 2005, I was lucky enough to visit the Grand Canyon with my family...and as I'm writing this I'm also looking for a picture I believe I have on my old (haven't seen in years) MySpace page...hold on...I'm checking my email now to retrieve my password!

GOT IT! Now let's see if I can find this picture....? FOUND IT!

There is NO WAY my picture is a as cool as this video...so enjoy the majesty that is time lapse!

What's so cool about this, is that you can see that air has the same motion as water and it looks like the clouds move like the ocean! Plus, how clear was that night sky!!!!

One day I'm gonna take a time lapse on the ocean where its super dark and you can see all the stars! This is about as fancy as I've got with time lapse:

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