Store Cat Food vs Homemade Cat Food

If you think about it, you want your animals to live a long and healthy life like yourself right? But what if, the food you're feeding your cat or dog is the same as like me and you eating fast food everyday? That's not that good!

I stumbled across this video of a guy who literally makes a homecooked meal for his cat once a year, but because of so many requests, he did a special YouTube video just to show how to cook something for your cat.

Here's the recipe:

Sea bream 
SalmonChicken tender (or chicken breast) 
Yellow Fin Tuna 
Bonito Stock Soup
Catnip powder

1. Boil all the meat and fish for about a minute or two until they’re cooked. 
2. Put them in a cold water and cool them down.
3. Chop them into tiny pieces.
4. Put the paste in a round mold (or a cup if you don't have a mold!)
5. Add bonito stock soup and sprinkle some catnip powder. 

He has more instructions to follow on the description of the video:

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