Things Got Weird For DJ Khaled In Las Vegas

Hit-maker DJ Khaled took the stage at EDC Vegas, and the multi smash producer had, what some could say, was a very awkward set.

At times the crowd boo'd, at times the crowd sang, and at one moment it seemed like perhaps Khaled didn't know location? So look, here's the thing, Khaled was at EDC to obviously have a good time and to drop some of his bangers for the crowd before Yellow Claw took the stage.

Here's the thing though, Khaled isn't a rapper, he's a producer and what I'd call "Line Dropper" aka "WE THE BEST MUSIC!", "ANOTHA ONE!" and of course "DJ KHALED!" (lesser popular "WE TAKIN' OVAH!"). He's not a performer in the old fashion sense, so to see him on stage singing the hooks to the songs he's produced, kinda turned off some at EDC in this video that says he tried 15 times to hype the crowd. And if you listen close enough when he says "This is California!" one guy in the back gets snippy and makes some in the crowd laugh.

But there's two sides to every story...based on the footage Khaled's team took as "Behind the Scene's" footage, it seems like some in the crowd WERE feelin' Khaled on stage!


I get what Khaled was trying to do, I get what Khaled DID do, and I still think the "We're in California" line was awkward AF. I'm pretty positive he prolly just saw "All Eyez On Me" so he's still off that Pac high, but it was weird. Very weird.

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