Why Does Disney Water Smell Different?

It's now coming to you isn't it? Your brain is going back into its memory bank to remember that smell...you're getting there, the feeling of falling at Splash Mountain, hands in the air, wind whipping your face and then SPPPPPPLASH! That Disney water lightly brushes your skin.

Or maybe, you're inside Pirates of the Caribbean, running your hands through the water as you see Jack Sparrow anamatronically say "savy?" and you catch a whiff of that smell, that takes you back to being 6 years old.

These are vivid memories for any child, but for us spoiled Central Floridians, we know it all to well. So why does Disney water smell much more different that say, your pool at home? The answer is easy, pretty cool (cause Disney REALLY DOES CARE ABOUT YOU) and will make you realize just how much thought goes into the park. 

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