New Chainsmokers "Youth"

Basically since the winter of 2015, The Chainsmokers has just been cranking out anthems of your life. It started with "Roses", it continued with "Closer", and now between "Paris" and "Something Just Like This" Drew and Alex of The Chainsmokers have the recipe for heart strings being pulled down to a science.

As I pushed play on their latest track "Youth" I realized just exactly what these two do with their songs...and I don't hate it. They emotionally get it. Take me to the times in my life that I loved. Sure they might have sucked at the time (like crashing your fathers car i.e. "Youth", or perhaps the first deep love you had that ended up sucking i.e. "Closer") these moments shaped your/our life.

These moments are the moments we look back on and realize that, without them we probably would've just been on our couch scrolling through Netflix with nothing better to do. The Chainsmokers get it.

And The Chainsmokers make really good music.

See for yourself.

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