19 Amazing Facts That Seem Fake At First Glance

I literally had no idea that if you held up your index finger to your lips sideways...they are both the same size...I legit did it...and well yup...same size!

So look, this is a 10 minute video...if you wanna watch it and have NO SPOILERS I won't ruin it for you...but if you don't have 10 minutes...I'll give you the brief rundown below the video!

#19: A pinky promise used to mean if you broke the promise, you'd lose your pinkie!
#18: Jupiter and Saturn basically rain diamonds! (Cause of science & pressure)
#17: For every one human there's over a million ants on the planet!
#16: Lawn flamingo's outnumber the actual flamingo population!
#15: The lil seeds on a strawberry is actually the berry...not the red part!
#14: Banana's are berry's! That's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
#13: A worm that can be as big as a whale lives in the ocean! #NOPE
#12: Some Roman dude was immune to poison and then tried to poison himself...
#11: Should you live in the dark, you'll get to stay up for 36 hours... (and spend 30 hours prolly looking at porn)
#10: Your foot and forearm are the same size! MIND BLOWN!
#9: The suit Neil Armstrong wore in space was made in a bra factory!
#8: Apparently there was a 3rd atomic bomb made? Along with the second gunman on the grassy knoll??
#7: Someone actually survived being hit by a meteorite! I've always wondered why that hasn't happened before, IT HAS!
#6: Koala's have fingerprints???
#5: The surface of Russia is bigger than Pluto! And would hack any elections there too. (HI-OHHHH!!!)
#4: If a monkey see's its reflection, it's gonna look at it's junk (crotch)!
#3: Dolphins can talk on phones #DontTalkAndFlip
#2: The University, Oxford, is older than the Aztec empire (HISTORY LESSON INVOLVED)
#1: This is important for our beachside living! You can survive a shark attack by staying still! Duh, sharks like splashing!

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