Video Of All This Plastic On The Ocean Floor

I'm not going to get all preachy here, but I'm trying to be green every single day. I'm lucky enough to live right behind the radio station, so I walk to work every day. I've started always using reusable shopping bags at Publix. I'm still driving my hybrid car that gets 35 miles to the I'm clearly doing my part.

And then I see videos like this:

Don't let the super cheesy music distract you, this is a mess. This is unacceptable, and this makes me angry.

Look, where ever you lie on the "Global Warming" spectrum can't we all just agree that just throwing away plastic in the ocean isn't just bad for your health, it isn't just bad for your eyes to see, it's also destroying the very thing we all love to swim in on the weekends!

Oh and not to mention..."Plastic Island"...yeah it's an island literally just filled with plastic that is swept up in an ocean current in the Pacific Ocean.

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