The French Army Just Played A LOT OF DAFT PUNK

Today is Bastille Day in France, which is National Day in France and even our POTUS is in attendance (ZIPS MY OWN LIPS) and I'm sure he has no idea who Daft Punk is, but duo is French DJ Royality! And the French Army knows they put together a Daft Punk medley to play in front of newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron!

And if you're like you want all the Daft Punk right?

So here's the line up of songs the French Army played.

First, "One More Time":

"Get Lucky":

"Digital Love": (which probably my favorite Daft Punk song ever...this is from "Interstellar 5555" and if you haven't seen need to! It's magic!

"Harder Better Faster Stronger":

Then the band redoes the same order of songs! And just like that I'm back on a Daft Punk excuse me while I blare out "Alive" in my studio!

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