Michael Phelps "Raced" A Shark

The 23-time Olympic medalist helped kick off "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel by the much anticipated race versus a Great White Shark, the oceans fiercest predator.

So really, it wasn't a race, more like Phelps with a fin swimming against a computer animated shark that for some reason at the end of the race jumped out of the water to eat a computer animated seal?

If you're under the age of 35, you've basically been living a life where "Shark Week" is when you're glued to the TV watching Great White jump out of the water and nom'ing on fake seals. Which is great and all, but some (myself KINDA included) think that pitting Phelps against a computer shark, was a bit too cheesy.

Phelps didn't beat the shark, but the Internet won. (As it usually does)

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