You're Re-Heating Left Over Pizza Wrong

I may have two "Taco Tattoos" but let's not get it is probably "Food Bae From Back In The Day".

Pizza is every day food. Pizza is any time of day food. Pizza is happy food. Pizza is sad food. Pizza is the old friend who knows right to pick up after not seeing you for a while. Like if you're on a strict summer diet and all you want is cheesy deep dish delish things in your mouth!

And unless you are a professional eater, or someone hungover, you can't eat a whole pizza on your own. So thanks to YouTuber "Internet Shaquille", instead of putting that pizza in the microwave and making it soggy or rubbery, you can instead take this guy's "French Toast Pizza" recipe and freaking own the universe!

If you aren't now saying to yourself "HOLY HELL that was an amazing idea and I need it now!", well if you have leftover pizza in the fridge...can I come over?

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