Pizza Is Officially 'Bae' According To A New Study

What'd you have for lunch today? What was for dinner last night? Is there old pizza in your fridge right now??? (You better be making French Toast Pizza tomorrow for breakfast!) There's a high percentage chance that every question I just asked has the answer of "PIZZA"!

According to a new study called the "Harris Poll" 15% of American's (both men and women) say pizza is their favorite food.

And honestly, that's not surprising. We all say "Pizza is bae" fact, I've even suggested we hug pizza:

This is no joke though, in the study "15% of American's say pizza is the first choice when they consider something their favorite food."

What I find most interesting, is that taco's aren't on here at all...AND THEY HAVE A WHOLE DAY TO THEMSELVES!!!

Clearly, tacos are just for Tuesday's and pizza is for EVERY DAY THAT ENDS IN Y!

What's even more appealing, according to this story from "Today", pizza is also the food of choice when it comes to picking foods during a one-night-stand or when thinking of a place to eat during a new relationship.

But, if there is one relationship it seems we can all consider 'long term', it's pizza...bring us "full circle" that pizza is in fact, BAE.

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