Milan's Vertical Forests Fight Global Warming

BEWARE: I'm about to tell you my opinion, in which I use facts to state that the Earth is warming. To some, you may find this offensive. And I will say, if you are offended by me using facts to back science...then here's a cat GIF you can look at.

Cool, now that 'they' are busy staring at the kitten GIF, allow me to pose you, this NASA video of how the world has warmed.

But Wingnut, Global Warming is a hoax...if fact, it's already cold in some places! And I remember, bad winter storms just within the last two years!

Please! In fact, let Neil deGrasse Tyson and a dog explain the difference between 'weather' and 'climate' for you...cause the answer and difference are SUPER easy to understand.

That should scare the poop emoji out of you. Now, there are ways to help the fight against global warming; electing pro- climate change officials into office, reduce the consumption of beef in your household (because cows have the worst carbon footprint on the planet, next to humans), re-usable grocery store bags (Lucky's Market will give you .10 cents off your receipt for using them, or be like Milan, and build forest skyscrapers!

What a fantastic idea! The CO2 we exhale rises in the sky to these buildings which take them in and then expel oxygen for us to breathe. The 21 Century forests!

Of course, we aren't getting sky scrapers here in Brevard...but maybe the world can do this and it will help us in the long run. Or you can just try your hardest to be green here in Brevard?

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