Britain Test Launching Planes Off Ramps

I have 0 secrets when it comes to my love for all things British.

Every holiday season I watch "Love Actually" 9 million times, just like you I adore "Harry Potter", but mostly for the adult Emma Watson now...and for years I've been trying to get the attention of one sister to the Royal Family (she's since married and it still hurts) Pippa Middelton!

But for every brilliant thing the UK comes out with, or births, there's one insane item that bubbles to the top.

Examples include but aren't limited to:
- New British "Top Gear" where the American, Matt LeBlan saves the show
- Teeth Probs
- Ant and Dec
- And this apparent city name:

Now before you say "WHAT THE HELL DID HE SAY" let me show you have the British Air Force is now testing planes to reach Earth's sky's.

The British version of Evil Knievel?

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