The "Intelligent Parking Chair"...Cause Why Not?

Look it's now we were supposed to have flying cars:

Hydrated pizza:

Or even hoverboards:

And we don't have ANY of those things (I know it's all from "Back To The Future 2" I'm just saying I also like that movie a lot!)

But the brilliant minds over at Nissan, the car makers, figured out how to solve our "Scooting In Probs" a.k.a. First World Business Probs.

Introducing, the intelligent parking chair:

I can't tell you if this is a hoax or not, because I don't read Japanese...but something about this feels hoaxy. Like, how does a chair not lose it's damn mind in a meeting that might have many people clapping?!?!?! Could you imagine the chaos that could happen if during your next meeting, your boss wants to congratulate you with "Employee of the Month" and when you accept your award everyone claps and all the chairs start moving back and forth like a human demolition derby?!?!

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