This Guy Claims, That His Apartment Is Haunted

Adam Ellis live in New York City, Manhattan to be exact. And I'm sure his verified Twitter account was filled with fantastic comic stories, great photos of food, and the sites and sounds of the Big Apple. 

But that's not what gathered my attention, no, Adam apparently is haunted by a ghost. A ghost he's named "Dear David", this is the start of it all:

Adam, since he is a comic book artist, then drew what "Dear Adam" looks like...and it's freaking creepy!

Now, of course, this could be some attempt at a viral story from a cartoon artist to get attention to his stories...that is until you read the events that have led to this haunting! You should read all of Adam's tweets about this, but for the sake of time, long story short, Adam lived in one apartment, then a bigger one opened up above him so he moved...forgetting about "Dear David" for a while, then in his new apartment, his cats began to act strange:

Adam has had his apartment tested for Carbon Monoxide, and confirmed that he's not crazy, or being poisoned. He's also confirmed in a tweet that he's not doing this for viral purposes...and his cat's do continue to sit at the door in the middle of the night 

And then Adam began to do some paranormal testing of his own...via his peep hole in his door and then through a Polaroid camera that he bought: 

This is where the Polaroid part of this story goes BONKERS!

OK SO I'M FREAKING OUT FOR THIS GUY RIGHT NOW...BUT IT'S ABOUT TO HONESTLY GO DOWN! Adam wants to prove to the Internet that he's not lying or creating a fake he films it and holy crap, this is crazy!!!


Seriously, I've been amazed at this story all morning...his journey continues, and I am now going to click follow on his profile so I stay up to date on it!

Adam has currently gone on vacation away from his haunted apartment, I for one, can't wait for his return and an update on the haunted New York City apartment.

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