Kit Kat Just Beat The World To The Pumpkin 2017 Race

As true as the tides. As fluent as a 4th year French student. As annual as "All Things Spice", fairly soon, the country, nay, the world will be engulfed with Pumpkin Spice. Candles. Lattes. Donuts. Graphic Tees...

And with the arrival of fall, pumpkins take center stage. So the genius's in the creative department of The Hersey Company (the sweets that own Kit Kat) decided to strike while the chocolate was hot!

Introducing, Kit Kat Pumpkin Pie:

Now, the cripsy wafer company isn't going into uncharted territory here. In fact, they've done some crazy flavors before...the biggest problem is, many aren't available in the US.

Like 'green tea', only available in Japan:

Also in Japan, apparently 'cough drop' flavored???

Or Kit Kat 'chunky' which seems to be available in Russia:

The 'pumpkin pie' Kit Kat only seems to be available, in all places, Kroger's in Kansas...but perhaps the flavor can be distributed nationwide.

And again, brace's almost Pumpkin Season.

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