Last Night, In Phoenix, Was A Real Knock In The Crotch


After kicking the smoke canister back towards the Phoenix police, 29 year old Joshua Stewart Corbin, is now facing criminal charges "on three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor count of unlawful assembly." says the source,

After last nights 'campaign' speech in Phoenix, President Trump protesters took to the streets to protest their views against the President and his administration and perhaps some of his views and words.Phoenix police kept the crowd from causing to much ruckus and harm (which is a good thing) by dispersing crowds via tear gas, mase, pepper balls and even some rubber bullets.Yup, rubber bullets. Paintballs evil twin and real bullets nicer cousin. One protester found out the 'hard' way, that rubber bullets can hurt. Some have said "the pain is like getting kicked in the nuts"...this protester found out exactly, what is worse:

That was hilarious. Whatever side of this argument about what's currently happening, we can all agree, seeing a guy getting hit in the "no-no's" is always funny.

Like last week when the camera guy got hit in the jiblets from a errant first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game!

Jimmy hit a guy in the "Jimmy".

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