The Blue Angels Snuck Up And Surprised These Fans

The Space Coast is no stranger to the Blue Angels. In fact, every April our skies are erupting with the sonic booms of jet's flying past the speed of sound right over our heads.

Air Shows bring out the inner kid in any human and makes our eyes fill with wonder and our hearts and heads fill with the sounds of a plane going faster than the speed of sound.

Well, this past weekend in Chicago, the Blue Angels were again the main attraction to thousands of spectators.  The Blue Angels are pilots that are either in the Navy or the Marines and must have THOUSANDS of hours behind the seat of their aircraft, the F/A-18.

Now, if you're a normal human, you realize it must be difficult for A JET THAT TRAVELS REGULARLY PAST THE SPEED OF SOUND TO SNEAK UP ON A LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE??? And yeah, I wondered that same thing. But if a group of pilots can do synchronized aerobatic moves in planes, they sure are capable of scaring a whole's how:


This isn't the first time though...seems like Blue Angel pilots are kinda pranksters and have pulled this trick off before in Pensacola Beach, Florida:

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