Scarlett Johansson Got A Back Tattoo???

The crush on ScoJo has literally no end. I have so much of the feels to the "Lucy" star that I named my car, my CR-Z, "Scarlett"...cause my car is a hatchback and ScoJo's kinda famous for having her own hatchback....any way I'm off topic!

The "Avengers" actress is easily QUEEN on my list of crushes in the world.

Here, I know my Top 5:
1- Scarlett
2- Pippa Middleton
3- Jennifer Lawrence
4- Jennifer Aniston
5- Emmanuelle Chriqui

But again, only ScoJo can take the #1 fact, she's probably the most shared crush I have on my IG feed:

Alright, 2 posts isn't like A LOT but my feed is mostly food and my cat.

So, the paparazzi seems to have uncovered that ScoJo got some ink? Or is it fake for an upcoming role? 

I don't care...what I care about is when/how/and why aren't we sharing marital bliss together Scarlett?

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