This First Ever Acting Job For James Franco

I get in these movie moods in my life where I have to watch literally every movie an actor has ever made in a chunk. Last weekend, it was James Franco. For real, I started watching "The Interview" (cause come on, watching that movie makes the world happy), and then I just continued my Franco collection from there..."Pineapple Express", "This Is The End", "Why Him"...the list goes on. But my weird tick doesn't stop there...I also went to YouTube and found some outtakes from these movies and YouTube kinda started showing me a bunch of old James Franco stuff.

Like this gem from 1997, James Franco's first paid acting gig....a Pizza Hut commercial for their "Edge Pizza" that contained toppings all the way to guessed it, edge of the pizza.

If you're looking for Franco...he's the guy who says "Rrrrrrrright" when they are talking about Elvis coming back to life and doing the twist with all the girls in town at the local Pizza Hut. Yes that sentence was just typed out and you just read it.

Besides that horrible 1990's CGI effect, here would have been a better pitch:

A group of guys are hanging out by their beat up cars and a telephone booth. One guy asks "Hey man, where are all the girls at?" while a young James Franco replies, "Oh you didn't hear? Elvis is back and he's doing the twist with them at the Pizza Hut!" Then cut to Elvis and his hips mesmerizing the crowd.

Even though a twist or Elvis has nothing to do with 90's guys and girls, it would be better...heck, talking about "Book It" would have been better.

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