Before this video, I knew thought that if you filmed a full moon at night, it would look as bright as the sun...but that's what this video taught me.

Seriously, this entire video had me in awe...but the part that is the most amazing, most beautiful, and most inspiring is at the 6:20 mark...when the full moon plus time lapse plus clear-ish skies reveal magic.

I'm really getting into time lapse photography, because in just a few moments you can see human life go by. The rush of the world is caught on camera, or you can witness miles of beauty in mere seconds.

These are just a few time lapse videos I've created: from tattoo's to ocean views, I hope you enjoy.

Tattoo's in 2017:

#Timplapse from yesterday's session with @foulestgrunt187 at #TheBigBangStudio

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The US Solar Eclipse from the roof of the radio station:

A night-time landing into Melbourne International Airport:

Numerous beach days in Melbourne Beach:

The first one is my all-time favorite, which lead to my tattoo 

07-19-16 #Sunrise #Timelapse #LoveFL #MelbourneBeach #WingnutVacayDays

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Wash away the weeks stresses ❀️🍾πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘

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But for real, can anyone explain, why is the water poop brown? #πŸ’© #🌊

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And what space nerd WOULDN'T have launches on time lapse?