Is Olivia Munn Throwing Shade At Aaron Rodgers?

For some time, the man I was jealous of the most in life was Green Bay Packers Quarterback (and mustache hero) Aaron Rodgers. Then a few months ago my mind was blown...RODGERS (say like that commercial guy) and Olivia Munn split, with Rodgers saying he needed a break.

But to some, Munn isn't saying it's over, in fact telling friends they are on a 'temporary split'...but now that football is back, it looks like Olivia Munn and her new BFF, funny man Nick Swardson, took to Instagram to kinda troll the NFL MVP.

Then, photoshop took effect???

And now it looks like Nick Swardson is getting in on the trolling too? 

I wish I could be Munn's "BFF"...I mean, look Olivia if you wanna make A-Rod jealous, you should totally come to Melbourne, slum it with a night radio host who loves champagne and tacos.


Plus her character in "The Newsroom", Sloane, is my freaking spirit animal

"I'll never let go Kodak, I'll never let go"

Olivia, seriously...we can grab some Shake Shack and love life together...just an offer.

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