iOS 11: The Best Hidden Tricks for Your iPhone

With the release with a new iPhone also tends to give the rest of older iPhone owners a new update to play around with. Today, iOS 11 updated iPhone users, and you may have a few questions as to why you should update your software, or is it worth it to try and re-learn certain parts of your phone because of the update?

Some people actually refuse to update their phones, and I've always questioned that? Why don't you want the newest software on the smartest thing you carry next to your butt every day? (OK that was a bit much 'but' don't you see my point?)

So what can iOS 11 do for you? Well the coolest thing to me is the customization of the pull up menu now! You can tell your iPhone what important uses you want just a flip up YOU CAN NOW RECORD YOUR PHONE FACETIME CALLS! I've always seen this done, and it means I can now Facetime some famous people and instead of phone calls playing back on the air, I can record it and now share it with you! I have so many uses for that!

Check out what other great features the new update has:

Plus, after this week and this paycheck, I'm coming for your iPhone 8 Plus!

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