Is That A Ghost? Or The Dog's Tail?

So it's spooky season in America (I will not make a Trump joke here....I will NOT make a Trump joke here...). Theme parks have their Halloween festivities all planned out every Thursday through Sunday.

Neighbors are starting to put out their decorations, even though some in Tennessee might have taken it too far...

But for those that don't like being scared (i.e. ME!) and just live normal life through the spookiest month of the year, I freaked out watching this dog video...and they got me at first BECAUSE IT IS A DOG VIDEO!!! I click on all of them!!! tell me? Dog's tail or ghost in the hallway?

Here's screen shot evidence of a FREAKING GHOST in the FREAKING HALLWAY.

I need something to cheer me a Corgi in a raincoat!

Whew...all better!

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