iHeartTacos (The Tale Of My Taco Tattoo's)

It's 2015, and on my "Memories on Facebook" I see that every day for a week for the past 5 years I'm either craving tacos, bragging about tacos, or eating tacos always in the beginning of October.

So a friend of mine comments, "If you love tacos so much you should get a taco tattoo!" and at this point, I didn't have any ink. But, I agreed with her...I did love tacos, and an ex of mine would've HATED that I got this as a tattoo (I know I'm spiteful) so I went to the Melbourne Square Mall and went into the tattoo shop and had them put this on my body!

My first tattoo

And since 2015, my sleeve has almost become full...in fact now, I have 2 taco tattoo's....yup!

You'd think at this point I'd be bleeding tacos right? I mean between Pippa Middleton and Scarlett Johansson, my Instagram page is just tacos.

Could anyone honestly love tacos more than me?

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