Taco Bell's Making Kit Kat Quesadilla's?!

For over a year now, Taco Bell's through England have been giving the people of the United Kingdom this tasty treat. It's called the "Chocodilla" and it's basically the quesadilla version of Kit Kat's and chocolate chips!

Demand has been so high for the Chocodilla, that it's now making it's move west, here to America! In fact, it's being tested in Wisconsin right now.....which for my dieting belly is good, but for my fat a$$ it's still too far away!

But never one to stop digging, I found a Twitter post with instructions on how we can make the Chocodilla at home...because again, tonight is Halloween, Kit Kat's are every where, and I just threw up a middle finger to my diet.

Photo Credit: Tom Alexander

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Contenido patrocinado

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