The President Is Afraid Of Dinosaur Costumes

Kids across the country dress up as "Iron Man"'s and vampires and plenty of other "Stranger Thing's", but one costume that seems to be popular year around is the T-Rex costumes. I've seen tons of those videos and they never get old...but to the current administration (NOT GIVING AN OPINION ON OTHER NEWS ABOUT THE 45TH PRESIDENT) seems to have some skeptical views when it comes to this costume.

A video is going around showing the POTUS and FLOTUS handing out candy to the kids visiting the White House a few days ago. And flanked by former President's carved into pumpkins (a weird thing to do) you see a child in a police uniform, a girl without a costume?, an Olaf, then the dino in question...just watch Trump's reaction:

It seems like Trump enjoyed maybe an "Olive Oil" costume? then the Olaf mentioned above...but once inflatable T-Rex comes's "HANDS OFF"!

Get it...cause they both have small hands.

I laughed entirely too much at this. Now just need SNL to do something with this and I'll have the best week ever....Trump will continue to have the worst week ever, for the 50th week in a row.

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