Taylor Swift's Latest "Call It What You Want"

Ever since Taylor Swift deleted everything of social media months ago. Ever since a real crazy looking snake during a countdown. Ever since we first heard "Look What You Made Me Do", the world has been waiting. Waiting for Taylor Swift's latest album "reputation".

And with each passing day, we're getting closer to its release (November 10th if a rock is considered your home). And so far, over 400,000 pre-orders have been confirmed with more I'm sure to be booked soon.

But this morning, at midnight, Swift released another track off the upcoming album called "Call It What You Want":

The 3:26 long lyric video takes you into what the words look like, shows meaning behind them, and this soft, but at times heavy, ballad is Taylor perhaps bragging about a new love???

To go further into what we've heard from "reputation" here's what Taylor's already released to the world.

"Look What You Made Me Do":

"Ready For It":


Between the 4 songs, I'm not gonna lie, my favorite and the best is without a doubt "Gorgeous"...the perfect mix of heavy beats mixed with that pop sound and pop music breaks. Possibly the BEST Swift single ever made (IMO)

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