Where You Should Visit In 2018

In 2017, I finally had some play money saved up to go on a few little trips...whether they were just day trips around Florida, or my week away from Florida, I've decided that next year I'm definitely taking a trip out of the country.

So I've decided, I'll share with you the 5 places I would love to travel to in 2018:
(I can't afford all 5, but again this is a wish list)

#5: Sydney or Melbourne, Australia:

Melbourne, Australia for clearly sister city reasons! I'd love to see both the Melbourne's!

I mean, why aren't our 2 cities not closer than we are now??? Every post I make using #Melbourne always has people from Australia liking it (although it's never Michelle Jenneke) so maybe I should become the ambassador to both cities???

4#: Paris, France:

The culture, the views, the history, THE WINE AND CHEESE AND WINE AND CHEESE AND WINE AND CHEESE AND CHEESE AND WINE! There's lots to explore and do and see but in all reality of life, wouldn't we all just want to sit around the Eiffel Tower and eat cheese and drink wine? I do that now, but the only view is my cat's butt. So who's with me, in 2018 let's wine and cheese and cheese and wine in Paris, sans cat butt!

#3: Brussels, Belgium:

The homeland of my family. My grandmother survived Nazi rule in Belgium, surviving in a ghetto camp for the years of WWII. I haven't been to Belgium since I was a little boy in 1992 (I was 8 then and don't remember anything except the first taste of Nutella there) so it would be super cool to see all the historic castles that make Brussels such a magical city.

#2: London, England:

Anyone that knows me, knows the weakness I have for the Brits. Just like how many women swoon at a British male saying the word "Pot Pie" (seriously, you lose your mind) I very much the same would lose my mind just hearing Pippa Middelton uttering the word "Uttering". Along with the many same virtues as Paris, London has culture and history and the BBC, but England also has my future bride some where over there, saying all the sexy things with her accent, just missing me, her future husband... 

#1: Fiji:

Fiji falls at #1 because for over a decade I have had 1 dream. And the dream is simple:

- Go to a gas station
- Buy a bottle of "Fiji" water
- Get on a plance
- Fly to Fiji
- Land in Fiji with my Fiji water bottle and leave the airport
- Find the closest source of tap water and taste it versus the bottled Fiji water, and see which is better?

Yes, that's a cheesy reason but it's one I've wanted to do. Yes the water is the bluest in the world, yes many islands are desolate and offer privacy many days of the week, but come on...that'd be the furthest traveled bottle of water EVER!

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