Have A Keyless Car, Thieves Could Take It!

This is a scary idea.

You park your car in your drive way for the night, after a long day you just want to lay down and enjoy the night. You car keys are hanging on the wall, or in the key dish by your front door, because why would you put them anywhere else? It's just easy to place them right by the door because that's what we've always done. But in the era of keyless entry and Push-To-Start, your car is fed off of radio frequency's and WiFi. I'm just as guilty in enjoying this technology as everyone else, now that I have an electric car, I can read my car's charge right from my smart phone...and so can criminals.

In the UK, a new crime is on the rise, called "Relay Theft", the thieves scope out neighborhoods that have expensive new cars that feed off WiFi and then use that WiFi to break into the vehicle...once you see this you'll change your key habits!   

Here's what happened in case you didn't get it.

- The thieves pulled up to see an expensive Mercedes Benz.
- They pulled out their relay boxes.
- One man put his next to the car, while the other used his to scan the house for the keys.
- The key FOB located the second thief, then used the radio frequency to unlock the car.
- The car is unlocked and able to be started because the car "thinks" the right FOB is there.
- The car is gone.

The whole theft took LITERALLY ONE MINUTE! They pulled up at :09 and left by 1:09!

It's not just one car...another video from August shows the same thing happening! This time to a BMW, which is the car I drive!

So what can you do to protect your car at night when you're asleep, and thieves are out? Well, for starters, take your keys away from exterior doors. Since thieves are using WiFi to read your key FOB, the further from the door your keys are from your car, the harder it would be to steal. Secondly, look into "Low Jacking" or having GPS on your vehicle, so in the case someone did steal your car using technology you might be able to help police recover your car! Mashable (link below) provided information about a "Faraday Sleeve", which is a protective sleeve you put on your key FOB that protects against radio waves! And if you have a garage, make sure you've shut it every night.

With our cars getting smarter, thieves are getting just as smart as well...I mean, this video shows how hackers can get into you Tesla, just by sending out a fake ad to hack into your car's app...locate your car...then drive away with it!

All with a fake ad!

There's more to learn about "Relay Theft" and the following links can inform you more!


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