Learn To Chop Onions...LIKE A BOSS!

Cooking can be many things. It can create memories, it can make a romantic moment, it can bring enemies together and friends even closer. But to start all those things...you must first learn to cook.

For me, the goal of every meal I make that contains onions, is the perfectly chop onions...and I suck at it...maybe I'm to over critical, or maybe I just don't know how to freaking chop onions...but I've watched Gordon Ramsey chop this onion, and now I'm going to learn how to properly chop an onion when I get home tonight!

Practice makes perfect!

Just please, whatever you do, don't then take a photo of you food and ask Chef Ramsey if he's likes your dish...chances are he doesn't. And when he gets the notification on his phone of your tweet he's probably cussing you out:

And in the mix of insults and laughs, Ramsey does see some good dishes and gives compliments"

I won't get political here...but this is what Twitter is made for...Gordon Ramsey doing Gordon Ramsey things to people asking Gordon Ramsey how they've cooked things. Not to hear someone keep calling someone "Little Rocket Man"...............

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