A Rare "Snownado" Caught On Camera

Water spouts, I've seen 'em! Firenado's, yeah they're a thing! Sharknado, kinda fell off after the 3rd one.

But "Snownado's"? My limited knowledge of weather has always told me that a tornado forms with warm air and cold air circulate around each other rapidly forcing the warm air down and the cold air up? Again, limited weather knowledge here, but that's what I thought. Until today, when weather tossed life upside down, and in Poland someone captured a "Snownado" on camera!


I think a "Snownado" wins in crazy winter weather, but in a close second I gotta give it to "Thundersnow". A rare phenomenon, in which thunder and lightning is created in a snow storm. If you've never seen snow, think of it like a light Florida drizzle, it's rare accompanied by lightning or thunder, and well neither are snowstorms...except in some occasions:


As you can tell, weather experts lose their minds over these rare weather occasions.



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