His Best Friend Is Dying, So They Make A Bucket List

The term "BFF" is sometimes just tossed around in conversation, as a term of endearment sure, but like saying you're "BFF's" with someone after knowing them in the short term isn't the true meaning of the word.

So allow me to introduce to you two friends who are the definition of "Best Friends Forever", Chris and Dillon have been friends since elementary school, and in 5th grade Chris got some bad news:

As you could see, they started creating this bucket list. It all began from there:

So far, those are the two videos of how Dillon is helping his best friend Chris complete this bucket list. In fact, back on the 7th there was an update on Chris' diagnosis.

This has to be terrifying and I have no clue how Chris is getting through this when he's alone with his thoughts, but lucky for him he seems to have a strong support system around him, like his BFF Dillon, to help him through the tough times!

We're with you Chris!!!

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