Doctors Diagnose The Injuries In Home Alone

The hijinks that occurred in the 1990 Christmas classic "Home Alone" we creative, elaborate, and according to these doctors, deadly!

So quick back-story for those that don't know:

"Home Alone" is a story of a child, Kevin McCallister, who ends up getting left alone in his house while his family goes on a very expensive trip during Christmas. The family didn't realize they left Kevin at home until it was too late, and now they can't make it back to Chicago. Meanwhile, two down on the luck burglar's, try to rob the McCallister house thinking no one is home. Kevin proves them wrong.

Now, in the real world, the injuries that Harry and Marv sustain during the movie, from burnt heads and hands, to that nail in the foot scene...would these two survive? Real doctors answer the real medical questions:

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