Bursting A Frozen Bubble

Blowing bubbles is something we as adults rarely get to do. It's a child's activity, one that makes hearts smile and voices scream with delight. Don't act you aren't smiling thinking about blowing bubbles!

But the science behind the bubbles requires that the liquid bubbles stay a liquid, because if they freeze then its a frozen ball of soap and water. Sometimes, someone smarter than I, realizes there's fun science in a frozen world, and creates something spectacular. Like this, frozen bubble!

Katy Hallgren is in Michigan, where the temperatures are between 12 and 8 degrees (FORGET THAT NONSENSE)!

As you know, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but when you add soap to the water, therefore changing certain properties to the water, would it freeze? And if it did freeze, could you blow a bubble before it did? Look, I have science questions, I'm not just some talking head on the radio...let some science take place! 

I'd love to do this experiment myself, however I am too accustomed to a certain temperature and that temperature is well above the freezing mark...so someone else can do this cool science! I miss it being 80 degrees out.   

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