What Happens If You Throw Things In A Volcano?

Have you ever seen lava? Un-scientifically written, lava is liquid Earth. Really hot, liquid Earth. Like, if lava gets on you, lava goes through you. So putting stuff in lava that can make it blow up or get 'angry' is a really bad idea.

Like, one day did some scientists go to each other, "Hey, you know how gasoline is flammable? What if we threw a gas can into that volcano over there?". Cause this first video shows was happens when a gas can goes into an active and bubbling volcano:

It wasn't really that eventful right? A couple of puffs and spits but nothing that would alarm me to stay away from the volcano...so what else can we throw in? How about water? You know the whole Fire vs Ice argument? Well what about Lava vs Water? Who would win?

So I again, am no scientist, but my limited science intrigue tells me one thing:

When the water finally hit the lava it instantly turned to steam and when that happens the pressure is so great that it would fling the lava like an explosion and turn very violent very quick.

Radio is fun, but science is more fun. I want to do stuff like this.

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